Textura®—CPM improves the progress claim management process by providing a disciplined, standardised approach through:
  • Online claim submittal, review, negotiation, and approval
  • Claims entered as % completed, $ amount completed or quantities
  • Automated roll forward of previous period amounts and retention calculations
  • Automated generation of progress claims, statutory declarations, payment schedules, and tax invoices – all in a user-defined format
  • Configurable workflow by project – automated routing and audit reports for approvals and modifications
  • Clear communication with real-time email notifications
  • Support for Security of Payment (SoP) claims – tracking of date received and up-to-date transaction log of all claims history
  • Consolidated project information available online in a single, consistent view
  • Project archiving – storage of contract data and documents for seven years after completion

"Our head contractor asked us to bill through Textura CPM for a recent project. It was the first time we had used a service like this. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. Everything is handled online, so we don't have to print anything off anymore. Overall we experience fewer disagreements over claim amounts and our efficiency has improved considerably since implementing CPM."
-Zoran, Paveezzi Group

Paveezzi Group specialises in after builder clean up and is based in Melbourne, Victoria.