Anyone involved with construction knows how much paper is used in the traditional manual process:
  • Progress claims and payment schedules are printed, signed and are mailed or exchanged in person or via fax
  • Claims frequently require modifications and are printed several times
  • Statutory declarations are physically exchanged and are often incorrect
  • Compliance documents are printed and mailed
  • And so on…

Textura®—CPM reduces greenhouse gases and consumption of energy by automating and converting all construction billing and payment process into an easy, online electronic process. By converting documents into e-mails and electronic files, our CPM™ solution minimises paper and ink consumption. It also eliminates mailing costs and saves on transportation costs for Head Contractors and Subcontractors by reducing or even eliminating travel for document deliveries and pick-ups. These savings increase with the size of the project, the number of documents required, and the number of billing changes.

“At Richstone Group, we are proud to be a leader in the hydraulic field producing cutting-edge, efficient projects. We have found Textura—CPM complements our efforts to be an innovative and sustainable construction firm. A major benefit of CPM is the ability to record and track new variations on a shared platform, making it easier to discuss new costs with the builder.”
– Kate, Richstone Group

With an excellent track record for providing innovation, quality and timely delivery in every aspect of hydraulics, Richstone Group has amassed an impressive portfolio including many Five Star and Six Star Green Star projects across Victoria.