Textura®—CPM simplifies the Contractor payment process, with automated workflow supporting a multi-step approval process and secure release of funds. CPM also provides comprehensive reporting and audit trails for proper reconciliation and corporate control.

Features include:

  • Progress claims, payment schedules, recipient created tax invoice (RCTI), and payment amounts always match
  • Generates electronic funds transfer (EFT) files for bank upload
  • Automates EFT remittance notifications
  • Provides flexible payment reports for easy reconciliation
  • Interfaces payments back to accounting system for financial integrity
  • Securely manages Subcontractor banking information – so Head Contractors don’t have to
  • Automatically holds payment for non-compliance with e-mail notification to payee
  • Permissions can be provided to Owners, banks and other third-party participants to disburse payments – particularly useful in the case of project bank accounts

“We were asked by a builder to utilise Textura and weren’t sure what to expect. We quickly found Textura provides us an easy platform for submitting claims and saves us a lot of time tracking our claims, compliance, and payment. We are very happy with Textura CPM and look forward to using it on future projects.”
– Jan, AC Goulding
Based in Melbourne, AC Goulding is one of Australia’s leading commercial air-conditioning companies. AC Goulding is a proven, reliable entity with strong ties to some of Australia’s largest commercial builders.