Security of Payment (SoP) legislation requires prompt and proper response to progress claims. With limited time and potentially large, detailed claim requests, the manual process leaves little room for error.

By automating the claims process, Textura®—CPM allows you to focus on the details of the claim instead of spending time on manual data entry, checking calculations and chasing documents.

CPM™ helps manage the SoP process by:

  • Delivering claims directly to the designated approver with e-mail notification
  • Providing management visibility into claim date and approval status to help ensure prompt attention
  • Logging details of every progress claim, including date submitted, amounts, modifications, and comments for a single, shared view of all transactions
  • Automatically generating payment schedules in PDF format - customised to your company's specifications
  • Automatically generating corresponding tax invoice – always in agreement of payment amount
"At Perfect Contracting, we pride ourselves on being leaders in construction and demolition. Through the web-based CPM system, Textura helped us improve our internal processes. The progress claims, variations and compliance requirements are all done online and the shared work breakdown allows us to communicate efficiently with the builder. I’d recommend Textura CPM to anyone looking to simplify their monthly claim submission process."
-Luke, Perfect Contracting

Perfect Contracting is a leading provider of demolition, labour, equipment and skip bin hire services in Sydney, NSW.