Managing variations is key to keeping projects on budget and maintaining profitability. Variations can be buried in progress claims, making it difficult to differentiate between variations and the original billing.

With Textura®—CPM, Subcontractors can submit variation requests with or ahead of their claim, allowing more time for builder approval.

Head Contractors record their response to the variation request, indicating assessment status and authorised amount, encouraging responses that are Security of Payment (SoP) compliant.

Features include:

  • Shared variation request log - keeping everyone on the same page
  • E-mail notification of variation submittal and assessment
  • Clear segregation of approved versus unapproved variations on all claim documents
  • Reporting on variation requests and status for better visibility and control of potential costs by project executives

“As a Director of TafKom Engineering, I recommend using Textura—CPM to all builders and Subcontractors. CPM™ provides full control of progress claims and variation submissions. It is easy and simple to use and most importantly provides a clear picture of our contract and status of claims. It is friendly to use in submission of compliances and variations.”
– Marijan, TafKom Engineering

TafKom Engineering is a Melbourne based engineering firm that specialises in design and construction.